Underground Social

Last Night: The Show Must Go On

Thinking Black Man.jpg

Attendance: 68

Fame and Knockout were scheduled to host Blackout last night. Knockout missed his flight to LA, but Fame made it just in time to save us.

This is the weekend of Blatino Oasis in Palm Springs, so we had a lot sexy newbies visiting from out of town. The pitch black darkness was overwhelming for some, but they were able to adjust after a few strong drinks.

Our vibe was all about sex, less social, probably because most of our regulars were at Blatino. They usually help create a relaxed, conversational atmosphere. But as long as the rooms were active, nobody had any complaints.

Well, almost. Two bruthas said our tequila, Cuervo Gold, was the worst of its kind. They suggested Don Julio. We took notes.

It was very hard to stay focused with so much sweaty chocolate goodness walking around naked. In fact, one of Fame’s guests — a tall, caramel boy with a giant tattoo of the Gemini symbol on his back — was a major distraction for most of us. And he had ass for days.

Props to Fame for showing up and showing out. We always appreciate you. Hope Knockout is okay. And a major thanks to all our Blackout supporters who made last night such a success.