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Random Thoughts About Last Night

"Is that nigga really wearing a jock strap up in here?"

"Is that nigga really wearing a jock strap up in here?"

Let me thank all those who came to my first Blackout in LA. About 50 people rolled through and met me at the door.  Here are some random thoughts off the top of my head:

  • LA niggas sure do flirt a lot (thanks, by the way)
  • Jock straps are making a comeback
  • Some peeps go nuts when they see a bottle of Grey Goose or Patron

But seriously, I was surprised by all the positive support. Many said they really enjoyed the vibe and were looking forward to the next one on Friday, May 1st, 11pm - 5am

I want to make Blackout better next time, so I'm asking for some serious comments or feedback on what y'all think needs to be improved---and be blunt. I can handle it, man. Just select "Comment" below. If you prefer to respond privately, text me at (323) 577-4220.

Thank you for coming out and it was so cool meeting everybody.

p.s. I wanna apologize for that drunk old dude that got in and was feelin' on a couple of peeps. He slipped through when I stepped away from the door. Won't happen again.