Underground Social

Last Night: Wet and Wild


Attendance: 58

I don’t know what got into bruthas last night, but it had never happened before. In 5 years, we’ve never seen anything like it.

Maybe it was the earthquake that shut down the elevator. Bruthas had to walk up six flights of stairs to reach our loft. Maybe they took their frustrations out on each other.

The spot was great. Being 420-friendly made it even better. Once bruthas got relaxed, they got active. Real active. Apparently, one brutha decided we needed an extra urinal, so he volunteered his mouth.

We were kinda shocked. In fact, someone suggested having a night for more “raunchy” activity. Hmmm, not sure about that…lol

The PROUD Kick-off party on Wednesday night drew 1,000 people. It was insane. Blackout was lit on Friday. And our little last-minute Movie Night on Saturday was so chill, we gotta do it again soon.

Long weekend. Thanks to err-body for your continued support. Much love!