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Last Night: "It Was Like a Porno"

Thinking Black Man.jpg

Attendance: 55

We were in an office building near LAX. Started at midnight. Stayed open till six in the morning. There were dim red lights. The bathroom was down the hall. We even had a hot box so bruthas could smoke.

Nothing about last night was typical for “upscale” Blackout. It felt seedy and sneaky and, as someone said, “like a porno”. The air conditioner didn’t work, so it was hot and sweaty. For some reason, the majority of bruthas loved it. And so did we.

We won’t make it a regular spot, but it definitely was a unique experience. The small hot box room was packed with chocolate bodies, all on the floor and up against the wall. It smelled like weed and funk. That room turned completely dark around 2:30am. The door was closed and it got seriously active.

Yeah, it was too warm. Yeah, you had to walk down the hall to use the bathroom. Yeah, we had to use air mattresses. The vibe was right, though. One night only. And it worked.

Thanks to everyone for putting up with it.


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