Underground Social

Last Night: That Candle

Thinking Black Man.jpg

Attendance: 47

Last night, we had a candle lit at the entrance for those checking in. The vibe was kinda “meh”. Then we blew it out and everything kicked into high gear.

It was just another reminder that darkness is very crucial, so each new spot has to be as dark as possible, no matter how much effort it takes on our part.

A lot of fine-ass newbies rolled through. Some of them were annoyed by a regular bruh who was just too damn aggressive, so we had to pull him to the side for a chat. Once we got him to settle down, err-body was able to get active.

Extended Hours

As summer approaches, we’ll be staying open longer to accommodate the late-comers. In May, our hours are 11pm till 5am. From June through September, we’ll be open till 6am.

Feeling Lucky?

This is something we started last year and plan to restart. Each Blackout party will offer free admission for those who are assigned a specific bag number. The numbers for our party on Friday, May 3rd are 15, 30, and 45. Let’s see who gets a freebie.

As usual, gotta give a huge thanks to all y’all for your continued support.