Underground Social

Last Night: Less Intense, More Social

Thinking Black Man.jpg

Attendance: 46

Last night, we tried something a little different. Instead of our usual spots in Hollywood and DTLA, we hung out near Baldwin Hills, specifically View Park.

The house was spacious and had a very unique vibe. Bruthas chilled in the lounge area and got active in the two dark rooms in back. It’s interesting how each venue we use affects the vibe.

This particular location seemed to make the party less intense. It was more “social”. Big thanks to err-body for coming out.

Going Weekly?

We’ve been looking a different permanent locations around the LA area. If we have a regular spot, we can host Blackout every Friday, instead of just twice a month. Our host, Tre, could even do his Hump Day Party every Wednesday. Is this a good idea?