Underground Social

Last Night: FAME

Thinking Black Man.jpg

Attendance: 89

It was so packed, we had to stop letting bruthas in. We ran out of bags. We ran out of cups. We ran out of towels.

The spot turned into a slave ship—hot, sweaty, musky—but also very freaky.

Adult entertainment star FAME was our special guest last night. Even the rain couldn’t stop his ability to pull a crowd.


As host, he not only made err-body feel comfortable, he even “performed” throughout the night. Watching both he and our regular host, Tre, tag-team some bottoms was so damn hot.

At closing time, FAME helped with the clothing bags and clean up. Hope he comes back soon.

We gotta give a huge thanks to all the bruthas who supported us last night. The spot was filled to capacity and we wanted to avoid a fire hazard. If you couldn’t get in, please accept our sincere apologies.

Again, thank you from the Blackout Social crew.