Underground Social

Random Thoughts: Star Treatment

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Attendance: 64

We had a lot more newbies than usual Friday night, which is always a good thing. Blackout tested a new location on Hollywood Blvd, but bruthas started getting it in around midnight and kept it poppin till 7am.

"Tony" wrote in the Comments section last week:

Randomly decide on certain numbers and whomever the matching numbered person is on entering, they pay only $15.... Kudos to you for the slamming parties.

Tony's idea was cool. In fact, we put a star on random clothing bags before we opened. Whoever came in and was assigned a bag with a star received free admission. Hollywood and stars — get it? Obviously, Tony got a freebie, too. 

Our notorious Dark Room was hot and sweaty and musky and freaky. There's something about the dark that makes us do things we wouldn't normally do. And I'll just leave it at


Bruthas often volunteer to help us set up or clean up after parties. It's their way of showing appreciation for what we do, especially for our commitment to serving black men only.

We want y'all to know the respect is mutual. Thank you so much for your continued support.

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