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Random Thoughts: London's Dungeon

Thinking Black Man.jpg

Attendance: 54

There were several things that surprised us at Wednesday night's birthday party for London, cleverly named "London's Dungeon".

First, even though the party was open to all races, about 70% of the dudes that showed up were black — and mostly newbies. That's interesting because it clearly shows a desire among bruthas to "engage" with all colors.

One dude who attended sent us the following text:


Secondly, we didn't expect that kind of turnout on just a day's notice. Thirdly, it jumped off quickly and got real freaky (and verbal). Even our doorman and bartender jumped in and got their dicks wet.

Shout-out to that mixed boy with an ass that would make Nikki Minaj envious. Also, to that tall dude with the ponytail wearing booty shorts. His body was everything.

London has received a lot of requests to do this again, real soon. It was definitely hot. But how can he justify another mixed "Dungeon" party without Blackout getting slammed?

We're sure you'll weigh in on it.