Underground Social

Random Thoughts: Breaking Bed

Thinking Black Man.jpg

Attendance: 75

We peeped a new penthouse in Downtown LA last night and it stole the show. The building actually had a cool elegance about it. The upstairs and downstairs layout gave us plenty of space to function.

Breaking Bed

Once again, lots of newbies. Dudes came in, chilled for a bit and socialized. But around 1am, asses started getting beat the fuck down. The notorious Dark Room was so packed with chocolate goodness, you could not move. In fact, they broke the bed — seriously.

JV wrote:

By far the best time I have had at a party. I arrived around 1:30, and i was getting my dick sucked within 5 minutes of arriving and fucking within 10 minutes of arriving. I bust 5 nuts throughout the evening. Bruthas were ready to get it in.

Bottoms, Listen Up

Some of y'all been slippin when it comes to being prepared for Blackout. Bruthas go real deep, so please handle your business thoroughly to prevent embarrassing "accidents". 


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