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Random Thoughts: The $100 Tip

Thinking Black Man.jpg

Attendance: 85

A dude came last night and had such a good time, he handed our host a $100 tip as he was leaving.

I kid you not.

We've seen insane turnouts this summer, but Friday was an epic party. Blackout tried a brand new spot near Hollywood and had sexy mofos from Detroit, St. Louis, and the Bay Area roll through.

Bruthas walked in and wasted no time gettin it in. These fine-ass dudes with dreds fucked the shit outta some bottoms who really, really wanted it — and knew how to take it.

And for some reason, the bartender has his own little fan club. Dudes were lining up at the bar like they wanted a cocktail, but they actually wanted him. 

Gotta thank err-body for supporting us as we bounce all over LA looking for the perfect spot. 


A few weeks ago, we discussed a possible price increase to continue providing a safe, comfortable environment and quality liquor. We've decided to do $20 all night, beginning August 3rd. Hopefully, this will not prevent anyone from coming (pun intended).

We sincerely appreciate your understanding.

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