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Random Thoughts: 86 Bruthas

Thinking Black Man.jpg

Attendance: 86

Blackout had its largest turnout ever last night and, needless to say, it was wild.

Lots of bruthas in town for the BET Experience and Awards showed up. Combined with all the hot newbies and sexy regulars, it turned into a party we'll never forget.

All those chocolate bodies packed into our spot was kinda overwhelming. In fact, the air conditioner tapped out. Err-body got real hot and sweaty, but the party was poppin. Dudes was literally fuckin all up against the walls.

Quick Notes

  • The new doorman had a little difficulty with the bags. Y'all were so patient while he tried to get organized.
  • Why the fuck were so many bruthas trying to push up on that roughneck bartender? He's straight (we think). 
  • An extremely hairy dude from Egypt slipped in and y'all got his ass out within seconds. He tried to

Thank You

Quentin and Tyrese for moderating our new chat room on Kik.

Nick at for showing us much love on his site and on Twitter.

To all the bruthas who supported us last night, it was our most successful party ever and we owe it all to you.