Underground Social

The Penthouse This Friday


Err-body was feeling the hotel penthouse at our last party, so we're going back there this Friday, March 2nd. Parking was real easy, too.

We'll text/email the location today (Thursday) and post the room number on our Location page after we check in Friday at 3pm.

If you don't receive the info or have any questions, just call or text the Blackout line (323) 577-4220.

Regarding our last party, "D" wrote the following:

"The room smelled amazing though. The air was warm and thick rife with man scent that made my dick start to tear up as soon as i stepped in. Linked with a sexy bottom with some amazing kryptonite mouth and ass. Muscle bro sucked me up real nice. And who is the sexy short shaved-headed brother I sucked upstairs-- you bust on me. I'm the fit Carmel brother with bald head and goatee. Damn I did it didn't I. Come quickly Friday."

So, listen up, bottoms --- please deep clean that ass. Blackout is no joke.

See ya.