Underground Social

Random Thoughts: Last Night

Thinking Black Man.jpg

Attendance: 50

After hosting back-to-back parties this weekend (Friday in Los Angeles and Saturday in Las Vegas), we're exhausted. 

The rain didn't stop bruthas from coming Friday night, but to see y'all get busy in the so-called "lounge area" was surprising. Guests usually just chill on the sofas before going into the rooms, but the freaks took over every square inch.

Vegas, Here We Come

We heard it was Black Pride weekend in Las Vegas (Tempted2Touch), so the crew decided to roll up there to do some promo and host a last-minute "mini-Blackout" party Saturday night.

Our spot at a resort near the Strip was very impressive. Even though Pride hosted a major party that night, the 30 of us got seriously active, especially when these bruthas got sucked into the Dark Room. They were like, "Dayum!" 

Now, we're going back to sleep.