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Random Thoughts: Last Night

Thinking Black Man.jpg

Attendance: 67

We knew it was gonna jump off last night.

Our site had an unusually high amount of traffic on Friday and there were lots of calls/texts on the Blackout line from bruthas coming to the party for the first time.

As we all know, rainy weather makes us feel some type of way. Over 25 sexy negroes showed up within the first hour (always a good sign), so the party got active real quick and never let up.

Our notorious Dark Room stole the show, though. The bed was so packed with bodies that bruthas started fuckin on the floor. It was hard to even squeeze into the room. Hot, sweaty, musky, and freaky.

The upstairs loft was busy, too, but the Dark Room downstairs was...uh...crazy. Some of the newbies couldn't believe what they were witnessing and had to find some "liquid courage" at the bar before jumping in. In fact, we almost ran out of liquor. That never happens.

The whole Blackout crew wants to thank y'all for coming out to Manhattan Beach in the rain and making last night such a blast. We'll continue to provide a quality, upscale experience in a safe, comfortable environment for err-body to enjoy.

To keep things interesting, we'll be back at the Hollywood condo for our next party on Friday, March 16th. See you there.

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