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Random Thoughts: Last Night

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Lots to discuss.

First, we begin by thanking err-body for coming out over the long Labor Day weekend to support Blackout. You know we're grateful for making our two events such a breeze --- and we all need a breeze in this ridiculous heat.

Friday Night

In my opinion, the Friday party didn't jump off like normal and I blame Mother Nature. The heat outside made our spot stuffy and uncomfortable. The bruthas were soaked in sweat and couldn't settle into their usual "routine".  I witnessed 42 guests suffer in an almost sauna-like atmosphere and felt totally helpless to do anything about it. It simply drained everyone's energy.

Damn you, heatwave!

Sunday Night

The Blackout crew was determined to make Sunday a lot more comfortable. We added a second air conditioner and it made a major difference. In addition, the weather cooled as the day progressed. It actually started drizzling in the evening, so props to Mother Nature for helping us the fuck out.

The attendance for Sunday was 51. Things got active early and stayed that way all night. Quite a few visitors from out of town came through, too. New dick and ass is always a plus, and the vibe was on point. It was going so good, we had to stay open an extra 2 hours to give err-body a chance to nutt. Hopefully, we made up for Friday night.

Farewell, Downtown LA. Hello, Torrance?

It was exactly one year ago that we moved into our downtown spot. We love it here, but our lease is up on September 30th and rather than renew it, we wanna go back to Torrance.

As most of you know, Blackout used to be in a Torrance hotel and was doing exceptionally well. Unfortunately, a few bruthas showed up at the wrong room one night and those guests called the front desk. Security let us slide, but we had to end early. 

Rather than risk another incident, Blackout was postponed for 7 months until we found our own spot. Perhaps that was an overreaction, but we don't regret the decision. It was practical and safe.

Some of y'all be drunk or high when you arrive, so we'll have someone stationed outside to direct bruthas to the right room when we return to Torrance. Also, the penthouse we always book at this hotel has central air. 'Nuff said.

We know the decision to relocate isn't going to please everyone, initially, but we hope the experience we provide will make up for the extra miles.

As always, please be brutally honest in the Comments section, and thank you (again) for making Blackout Social such a success.