Underground Social

Random Thoughts: Last Night

Attendance: 51

I don't know why, but the temperature inside was a few degrees higher than usual, especially in the social area around the bar, which is normally cooler. With no central air, it's difficult to keep things comfortable when the body heat kicks in. 

We are seriously thinking about going back to the Residence Inn penthouse in Torrance because they had the best air conditioners on the planet. Security guards can be paid off to keep quiet.

Food for thought.

The Tatted, 27-Year-Old Personal Trainer From 24-Hour Fitness Who Served Drinks But Was Too Hyper But Sexy As Fuck

He returned to work the door. Still sexy, but much more relaxed this time.

Deep Cleaning

A certain power bottom got dug out deeply in the Dark Room and bruthas could smell it. Although accidents can happen, please be sure to seriously handle that hygiene before you arrive. Be prepared.

The Discretionary Door Issue (yeah, again)

Once again, the issue was brought to our attention by one brutha. He proposed having at least one "body night" per month. He said he already attended the other situations in LA with a discretionary door and was not satisfied.

Everyone already knows our stance on this issue. If not, just read the earlier posts and comments. It gets debated to no end, but I think Blackout is cool as is.

Are we being short-sighted? Let us know.

As always, thanks to all the bruthas for your continued support. Keep us on our toes.