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Random Thoughts: Last Night

Thinking Black Man.jpeg

Attendance: 52

Last night's Blackout was real smooth. The vibe was right, quite a few new faces rolled through, and the air conditioner did it's job keeping the body heat (somewhat) under control.

Blackout Text Messages Being Blocked

It's actually amazing that we had anyone show up at all on Friday because the majority of dudes on our contact list didn't get the text reminder. Usually, we text a message out to everyone the day before each party, but most major phone companies have started blocking messages sent to large groups.

Now you have to "opt in" for our message to come through or you won't receive the reminder. We're currently working on a fix for this, so stay tuned.

Labor Day Weekend

We're planning two parties for Labor Day Weekend --- Friday, September 1st, 11pm-4am and Sunday, September 3rd, 10pm-3am ($10 before midnight).

Thank You

It's so rare to have a bruthas-only situation where we can come together, chill, and respect each other without any drama. The whole Blackout crew appreciates that fact and wanna thank all y'all for supporting us and making it flow so smoothly.

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