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Random Thoughts: Last Night

Attendance: 59

The decision to make all Blackout events butt-naked was smart. Fewer lookie-loos, less bullshit, more activity. The two New Yorkers who strongly recommended it last month returned Friday night, so we thanked them. We also wanna to thank all those who responded to our poll on this issue.

Not everyone was pleased. For some strange reason, one regular attendee flatly refused to strip down and became indignant when we called him outside to discuss it. He was drunk (or high) and just would not calm the fuck down. He didn't want a refund and threatened to call the police. Fortunately, we were able to convince him to leave. You can't please err-body.

The Tatted, 27-Year-Old Personal Trainer From 24-Hour Fitness Who Served Drinks And Was Too Hyper But Sexy As Fuck

Yeah, him. A newbie with absolutely no chill. Covered with tatts and not too good at serving drinks, little Delano was literally bouncing off the walls with youthful exuberance. Blackout is very laid-back, so we kept asking him to dial it down a notch or two. He tried, but couldn't.

Everybody understood what they were witnessing and rolled with it. Looking at him, most assumed the usual: He's bi with a "baby momma" or two and just got out of prison. Well, he was sexy as fuck.

His high energy may have been a little annoying, but the bruthas definitely enjoyed that face and body. Delano also had a wide-eyed innocence about him that made you just wanna grab him by the...uh...nevermind. He'll be back.

Overall, it was great night. Lots of dick 'n ass, body heat, and sweat. Muchas gracias to all for coming out.  

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