Underground Social

Random Thoughts: Last Night

Attendance: 52

Warm weather is good for business, so we gotta thank the 52 black men who came out and supported us. Our air conditioner in the Dark Room finally gave up, which made the body heat back there ridiculous. Apologies. We will (seriously, this time) replace it before the month is over.

It's Not About That

A brutha called from outside to ask if he and his white friend could come in. We said no. They offered to pay double the admission price, $40 each. We explained that it's not about that. The call was on speakerphone, so err-body around the bar heard this exchange.

There was brief moment of silence as bruthas let that shit sink in. No disrespect to the white dude, though. Allow us to have just ONE spot in LA where we can deal with each other on our own terms.

LA is Different

Some nights, a party jumps the minute we open the door. But occasionally, it goes crazy in the last 45 minutes before closing time, after being lowkey for most of the night. Friday night was kind of a long simmer that boiled over around 3am. 

LA visitors or those who just moved here wonder why Los Angeles dudes behave this way. Every Blackout event has its own vibe or "personality". Even if all the elements are in place, you can never tell when or how (or even if) a situation will jump off. 

There are certain "variables" that are very unique to Los Angeles. Most of us already know what I mean. Maybe we can continue that in the Comments

What Now?

It looks like all Blackout events will be butt-naked from now on. Sadly, we will have no reason to call the mid-month party "Butt-naked Blackout", so what now? Maybe we could replace it with another type of theme night, like Ball Caps and Jock Straps.

Y'all will think of something.