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Random Thoughts: Last Night

Every group of bruthas that attends Blackout on any given night has its own so-called "personality". As a result, there's no way to predict exactly how quickly things will jump off.

We've seen nights where bruthas come in, go straight to the rooms, and don't reappear until closing time, usually covered with sweat. On other nights, there's more socializing around the bar as everyone slowly settles into the atmosphere.

Last night, the newbies took a while to adjust to the reality of what was going on. In fact, there were more new faces than ever before. But as the night progressed and the drinks kicked in, Blackout finally got going --- and going and going. Personally, I heard a lot of asses being slapped around 3am when bruthas suddenly realized, "Okay, we only got a few minutes left so I better stop acting brand new and get mines." 

There were 50 of us. We were short on staff, so most had to serve themselves at the bar. Nobody seemed to mind. The notorious Dark Room in the back got very hot in temperature, but we kicked on the air and opened a window to cool it off.

As the weather keeps warming up, we'll start adding Wednesday After Dark back into the rotation every other week. As usual, we wanna express our sincere appreciation for your support.

If we're slipping and need a reality check (or if we're doing okay), we're sure you'll let us know.