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Random Thoughts/Super Bowl Party

Thinking Black Man.jpeg

Thank you to the 45 --- oops!--- we're not supposed to post attendance numbers anymore. So, thank you to all the bruthas who came out last night to support us. The vibe was just right, no bag issues, no drama. 

We usually play the latest hip-hop artists at our events, but last night, one sexy chocolate brutha took control of our Pandora and switched reels on us with some smooth R&B joints that definitely added to the moment. Maybe we should do more of that.


Blackout is hosting a little Super Bowl Party this Sunday from 3pm till midnight. We'll have the game in one room, and the two other rooms will be for the usual. Nothing fancy --- wings, chips, drinks, and lube. Strip at the door. Underwear optional. Admission: $10.00

See ya.