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Random Thoughts: Last Night

Thinking Black Man.jpg

Attendance: 55

Last night was our second time at the so-called "upscale" spot in Downtown Los Angeles, and it's starting to feel like home. The owner even offered us a special discount for future events, so that's definitely a big plus. 

Upscale = Upgrade?

The new location has significantly increased the number of new faces. Even the quality of clientele as notched up. Why? Perhaps bruthas who were uncomfortable with our former spot in the seedy Garment District are more at ease with the urban-style elegance of this new location. As usual, it took a little bit for the newbies to settle in, but once they did, the ass slaps never stopped.

Considering this new spot's safety, its impressive features, and its central location (and central air), we may stay here for a while.

The Older Man

An older, stout black man walked in, handed our doorman a twenty, and asked to join the party. We didn't have the heart to refuse him because we don't have a discrimination policy based on body type. 

While he undressed, we asked a few youngsters if we should ask him to leave. Everyone said no. No one complained about him throughout the night and he was treated with respect.

Would it be a stretch to say it was a proud moment? 

Blackout Connect

We can't believe our new social network site, Blackout Connect, already has over 550 members. A map was just added that easily locates bruthas in your city/state, so check it out.

Once again, the crew thanks all the bruthas for their continued support. Y'all make it so easy for us and we're deeply grateful.

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