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Should We Have a New Year's Eve Party?



We received over 40 votes in support of a NYE party and wanna thank err-body for participating.

Our crew, though, decided to skip NYE and keep the regular party scheduled on Friday, January 5th. So, we'll give them the night off this year to celebrate the end of 2017.

We know of at least 3 other freak parties going on in the LA area. Anyone looking to get active this Saturday or Sunday night can hit us up on the Blackout line at (323) 577-4220 and we'll text you the info.

Blackout wishes err-body a prosperous New Year ---- and stay safe.

We still got extra liquor left over from Friday. Condoms. Plenty of lube. A hot new location. Should we do a party on New Year's Eve? 

Let us know your answer below. If y'all got $20, we'll do

Poll Update: 12/24/17

Yes = 30  No = 3


Should Blackout have a New Year's Eve Party?