Underground Social

Random Thoughts: Last Night

Thinking Black Man.jpg

Attendance: 52

Last night was one of the best parties Blackout Social has ever hosted. We tested a new spot near the Staples Center that had a slight, dare we say, upscale elegance. It impressed the bruthas and made the vibe just right.

Damn, Donnie

A guest named Donnie posted this comment about last night:

Loved it as well more than ever and it’s greatly due to the fact that it was dark but not too dark and I could make out who was with. I was definitely more experimental and unbridled as a result-sucking/making out-normally Just jo or get sucked: passion and lust was high that night: sexy thick dude sucked me and another brotha off, cute short dude drained me by the bathroom, and another brotha shot on my shoe while sucking the nut out of me as I watched and listened to brothas nutting their last before before 4 o’clock hit. Sucking and fucking to the last drop. Seeing silhouettes fuck is much better than hearing and imagining. We come in so many different sizes and shades which is what makes it so amazing. I love to see it. Why hide? It’s like there’s a shame aspect or worse, a hiding of one thing or another. Plus I’m leery of putting my mouth on and dick in just anything so being able to at least make out who I’m with makes me more comfortable. Im attracted to many different types so the visual aspect is more of a freak/comfort issue for me. Men are visual creatures and I’m especially sensorial. Sight sound taste touch and of course clean but natural scent. My dick shot up as soon as I stepped into the first room. Smelled amazing in there: Dick and ass mixed with natural musk but no shit or rankness. Just horny grown men doing what we do. 

That says is all. See you December 1st.