Underground Social

Random Thoughts: Last Night

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

Around 3 am (and for the first time ever), hotel security showed up. Why? Because too many peeps were knocking on the wrong fuckin' door looking for Blackout, and those guests called the front desk to complain. Security wanted to come in and shut it down, but we promised them no more people would be allowed in. We already had 70 dudes up in there, so we had to turn a lot of peeps away.

It didn't help, though. Negroes just kept going to the wrong room all night long. Management started calling, and finally, we had to wrap it up around 4 am to prevent security from coming back.

Clearly, it's time to find another spot so we don't have to worry about shit like this anymore. Between now and March 4th, we'll be looking. If anyone knows of a loft or a small warehouse we can use, please contact us. Otherwise, we'll have to postpone Blackout until we find a place. 

Apologies to all for having to end early, especially when things were jumping off so well. 

Lastly, here's an honest, unedited review from a brutha who attended:

"I went to my first one in November, skipped 2 afterwards... Went again last night! Much better!! I left home with dry socks! The selection of men was on point. Got nutted on by 3 dudes. Although somebody went straight to sleep after getting banged out. Snoring and all. But we fucked over him, I mean around him. No spilled drinks, no crazy incidents. 2 guys having a full blown convo. Bathroom was decent. I see you guys are listening more to the suggestions. Good stuff. I'm Cumming back for sure."

Once again, if you can help Blackout find a spot to rent, give us a holla.