Underground Social

Random Thoughts: Last Night

Last night's Blackout was more laid-back and chill than usual. Maybe it was because of the chill both outside and inside. In fact, we had no idea our spot could get that damn cold.

We definitely want to thank the 43 bruthas who were brave enough to come out in the cold and tolerate our chilly spot till everyone's body heat kicked in.

Our one tiny space heater near the bar ain't gonna be enough, so we'll get heaters in all the rooms before "Butt-Naked" Blackout next Friday.

A Place of Our Own

We've been getting a lot of feedback from other races asking why we specifically cater to Black men only. Truth is, there aren't many options available in Los Angeles for us to come together and relate to each other as a group. 

Many bruthas who attend Blackout compliment us on the "vibe" and the "energy". Everyone shows a respect for one another and there's no pressure to engage in a situation that doesn't feel right. Since there are highly successful parties in Los Angeles every week that welcome diversity, we respectfully ask everyone to allow us this one situation for the bruthas to chill as a community. 

If this is wrong, we wanna know. Please feel free to give us your opinion in the Comments section below.

Thanks again, everyone.