Underground Social

Random Thoughts: Last Night

We knew it was gonna be one of those nights.

Usually, most bruthas come in, get undressed, grab a drink, and hang out near the bar before going into one of the rooms. But some nights, everyone just gets right down to business real quick. Last night's "Butt-naked" party was like that.

It was cold outside, but the new heaters kept things warm inside until the body heat took over. We want to thank the 55 sexy-ass black men who made last night a seriously freaky situation. The crew appreciates your continued support and we definitely enjoy serving our bruthas.

Shout-out to those heaters, too!

A few notes ----

Bottoms, keep that "situation" on point before you step into the rooms. Bruthas go deep and there's only so much Fabreeze in this world.

Apparently, the music can't be really be heard in that pitch black room way in the back. Does it matter or not? Some bruthas said the sounds of moaning and asses being slapped is enough. Should we put a speaker back there or leave it as is?

We're gonna sneak in another After Dark this Wednesday, December 21st starting at 9pm, so roll through and get that nutt before Santa arrives. 

Finally, Blackout Underground Social is hosting its first New Year's Eve party on Saturday, December 31st from 10pm - 4am, $10 before midnight. We're doing this the right way --- Grey Goose, Patron, and champagne. 

And lube, of course.