Underground Social

Random Thoughts: Last Night

As always, we gotta thank all the bruthas who came out to support Blackout last night. We handed out 64 bags and our bagging system kept us very organized --- finally.

That third room in the back was already getting a serious reputation, but last night, several bruthas came out of there looking like they saw a spaceship land. I noticed a few looky-loos early in the night, but when the drinks kicked in, things got real...uh..."active".

One brutha posted the following in our comments section:

"Haven't been to a freak party in a minute...but MAN...that back room...all I gotta say is DAMN! That shit was hot! (and not just because of the AC) Started real chill, lots of sucking, but by midnight them brothas were about their freaky ass business! Brothas laying that dick down on the bed, on the chairs, the walls, everywhere! The variety was on point too. Ass and dick for everybody. And s/o to whoever that lil nigga was that everybody kept suckin up, he the real mvp!

Big ups to y'all for keeping this shit going!"


Overall, everybody looked real satisfied at the end of the night. Please give us your feedback on how we can continue to improve.

The Blackout Social crew has some new situations coming up in the next few days that we'll be announcing soon.

Stay tuned!