Underground Social

Random Thoughts: Last Night

Blackout hosted its first event at our new spot last night in Downtown Los Angeles and 65 bruthas came out to support us. We wanna give a big thanks to all of you who showed up.

Things got hot --- both freaky hot and temperature hot. Only one room had air conditioning, but we're having two more installed. All three rooms will be ready by the time Butt-Naked Blackout arrives on October 21st.

The bags! I gotta be honest, our bagging system was fucked up. It totally fell apart and there are no excuses for it. We're still settling in at the new spot and figuring out the best way to organize the bags, but that shit will never EVER happen again. 

If we had any difficulty finding your bag, please contact us and your next visit will be a freebie.

As usual, we expect brutal honesty from everyone, so please let us know how we can continue to improve.

Again, we appreciate all of your support.