Underground Social

Random Thoughts: Last Night

Friday night was intense. Usually when peeps come through the door, they get undressed, maybe grab a drink and chill in the main room before going into one of the bedrooms to kick it. For some reason, peeps skipped the main area and went straight to fuckin'. They were clearly on a mission.

We wanna thank all the bruthas who showed up and made everything run so smoove, especially by keeping the noise level under control.

A few notes:

  • We are gonna provide small night lights in the bathrooms. When peeps switch on the overhead lights in there, it shines into the bedrooms and fucks up the mood. As you know, LA prefers darkness.
  • Remember, it's a non-smoking hotel. Please blaze up before you come in or we get charged extra for the smell of smoke.

Looking forward to our next Blackout on Friday, October 2nd and "Butt-naked" Blackout returns Friday, October 16.

We're getting a lot of requests to make "Butt-Naked" a regular party in the middle of each month. Should we?