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Last Night: Random Thoughts

Gotta give a huge "thank you" to all the brothas who drove to the South Bay area Friday night and made our first Butt-Naked Blackout such a success. There were 65 of y'all packed into that penthouse and fortunately, everything went real smooth.

We had an upstairs/downstairs suite. A couple of bruthas were on their way down from the upstairs loft and took a tumble down them It was kinda funny, I can't lie, but could have caused serious injury. Fortunately, everyone was okay.

Blackout  would prefer to have our own spot so we can bump the music up a little and not be concerned about the overall noise level. We're presently looking around Los Angeles for a loft or warehouse that fits our needs. If anyone has a hookup or knows of a spot that we can rent on the regular, definitely give us a holla.

Keep the feedback, comments, and questions coming. It helps us improve and we appreciate it.

Again, we thank all y'all for the support.