Underground Social

Last Night: Random Thoughts

We fucked up.

I said it. Gotta be honest about shit. Our usual penthouse was booked, so we had to use a smaller room Friday. 67 niggas showed up. Sixty-seven! In New York or Atlanta or DC, shit would jump off, but not in Los Angeles.

Peeps are different out here. They prefer very dark spaces away from the main room so they can fuck without their homies seeing it. Friday's smaller room didn't have those usual dark spaces like our regular penthouse, so shit didn't jump off like the first two parties. It got hot, too. The air was on full blast, but it wasn't enough. 

And finally, our bagging system was fucked up. No excuses for that. For July, that shit will be on point. That's a promise, peeps.

Blackout has a couple of tips:

  • If you are coming to chat with your homies and observe, stay the fuck home. We don't need the money and you fuck up the vibe for those who come for serious business.
  • Know your alcohol limit, peeps. Grey Goose and Patron don't mix. 

We made some mistakes. We've learned, and will have it crackin' for July 4th weekend. Feel free to leave brutally honest comments or suggestions.