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Last Night: Random Thoughts

I wanna say "thank you" to those who rolled through Friday. We had our largest turnout yet, which is amazing because Blatino in Palm Springs and the Mayweather fight in Vegas were both happening this weekend. 

As you know, we had to change the location Friday afternoon. The other spot near LAX couldn't hold us all. Hopefully, everyone got the update message via text or email. Apologies for any last-minute inconvenience.

A few thoughts:

  • Slapping ass real REAL hard is getting popular. I had to work the door, but that shit sounded like it hurt.

  • It was cool to see bruhs stay overnight to sleep off the liquor instead of risking a DUI or worse.

  • Jock straps. 'Nuff said.

Feedback is always welcome. We appreciate the positive support and wanna keep making Blackout better.  Again, thanks to all for making this flow so smoothly.