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Feedback from the November Blackout

The following is an unedited comment we received from Blackout attendee, "D":

Nov. 6th was my second time at a BLACKOUT party. Had a dope time, again. I'll definitely be back. Thanks for being one of the BEST grown folks part spots in L.A. Trust, you have no real competition.

I guess if I had any feedback, I'd say: I know how dudes like to get down in PITCH BLACK DARKNESS in L.A., lol, but it would be nice if there was a little more light. I got run into/stepped on a few times. No biggie, but yeah, more light would be nice.

Also: SHOTS! Like...tequila shots, with salt/lime, etc. Lol. That would be bomb as fuck, IMO.

Lastly: maybe a little more space/variations of places to fuck. The beds got crowded, and arching at the sink ain't all that comfortable. Haha.

All in all though, if you don't change a thing, I'd still be back. Loved the party. And thanks for the DVD!

See y'all in December.

D, we really appreciate your input, man. We are listening. Hit me up before the next party and I'll give you a password for free admission.

p.s. Who the fuck needs lime and salt? Drink that 1800 straight like a man!...LOL