Underground Social

Random Thoughts: Last Night

Last night, Blackout had it's largest turnout ever --- 85 people. Around 3:30 am, we had to turn bruthas away to avoid overcrowding. From a business standpoint, that's amazing, but it also means a hotel penthouse will not sustain us much longer.

Either smoke or excessive body heat triggered our fire alarm. Fortunately, the bruthas cooled it down by waving shirts and shit. Management didn't show up. We survived, but we gotta find our own spot --- and fast!

A few thoughts:

  • I felt sorry for those two White guys that popped up. I warned them that our crowd is primarily into men of color, but they decided to attend anyway. They looked frustrated.
  • Bottoms, please, puh-LEEEEZE deep clean that ass before you come. Blackout niggas dig for gold.
  • Know your drinking limit. Some peeps were fuckin' with the 1800 Tequila and the Tequila won.

We appreciate all our bruthas who joined us to glaze some ass (or get glazed). The support is very humbling. We want to keep improving, so be brutally honest with the feedback, please.

From the whole Blackout crew, a HUGE thank you.