Underground Social

Random Thoughts: Last Night

Friday's "Butt-Naked" Blackout went real smooth. A special thanks to the 61 bruthas that came through to support us. We really appreciate it.

A few thoughts:

  • Let's continue our efforts to keep the noise level under control. 

  • To the few peeps who show up, grab a cocktail, and try to turn Blackout into the chit-chat hour, please stay home. That shit is distracting to those who come to freak.

  • How dark is too dark? Is it too dark? If so, let us know. One brutha raised this question Friday and we definitely want to know if it's an issue.

The butt-naked parties are our personal favorites (for obvious reasons), so we'll be sure to bring it back regularly.

Again, thank you. Please hit us up with your questions and comments. We want to keep improving.