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Random Thoughts: Last Night

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Attendance: 61

Last night, the notorious Dark Room got active in all kinds of ways. Our Manhattan Beach penthouse suite had two separate levels and provided plenty of space for bruthas to either "dive in" or chill and enjoy a cocktail.

Holiday weekends tend to put people in party mode, so the energy was definitely right. Lots of new faces, too, and some fine-ass, sexy mofos who came to get what they needed.

As always, we wanna thank err-body for making last night such a success. Please post any questions, comments or suggestions in the Comments section below.

Go Team Curry!

Blackout at the Hotel Penthouse, 2/16/18


It's All-Star Weekend, so we've booked a hotel penthouse for tonight's Blackout. Come through and get that dick wet.

The location will be sent via text and email at 11am today. We'll post the room number on the Location page after we check in at 3pm. 

If you do not receive the info, just call or text us at (323) 577-4220.

Random Thoughts: Last Night

Thinking Black Man.jpg

Attendance: 59

Last night, we recreated our infamous Dark Room by draping a thick curtain over one of the bedroom doors. It made the room seriously dark, kinda like what we used to have downtown.

Needless to say, that particular room got hot and musky and crowded and freaky. Bruthas were in a lively and social mode, too. Hell, we almost ran out of liquor cause err-body was pouring drinks like crazy. We extended our hours till 6am so the late-comers could get theirs.

But the real winners last night were all those sexy new mofos that showed up, especially the tall yella boy with the tattoos who had bruthas all over him.

Something has changed since Blackout left downtown and moved to this new upscale spot near Hollywood. A whole new type of clientele is coming and we are loving it. 

Shout out to all the bruthas who supported us and who continue to keep us in business. We are so very grateful.

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Gracias, all.